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CFDA Warning: Say No to Foods of Unknown Origin during the Spring Festival
—— 2016-03-14 ——

The Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival in China as it’s the occasion for family reunion, friends meeting and food sharing. In order to practically guarantee food safety for consumers, China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has deployed food and drug regulators of various regions to reinforce food supervision and inspection in risk and hidden danger identification, step up efforts to crack down on illegal conducts and crimes in food and do a good job in duty shift and emergency duty during the festival. Given the food safety characteristics during the Spring Festival, the CFDA warns consumers to rationally prevent risks and choose scientific diet and consumption.

First, consumers are suggested to choose the foods or raw food materials that are normal by sense, especially check whether they are fresh or within the warranty period, whether the packing is intact, undamaged or swelled (sack expanding, bulging). Consumers should confirm the label and approval number when buying health food.

Second, consumers should pay attention to the storage condition when buying cooked food or the food that needs to be refrigerated to see whether it meets the requirements labeled on the product. When using a refrigerator or freezer to store food, cooked food and uncooked food should be put in separate containers or be wrapped well separately by preservative film. Cooked food should be put on the top while uncooked food should be put below on different layers. Food should be consumed within 2 hours after being cooked and kept at room temperature. The remaining food should be refrigerated for no more than 24 hours and should be adequately heated and be confirmed as not bad before eating.

Third, consumers are not suggested to buy too much food at one time so as to avoid expiration or deterioration due to improper or long-time storage.

Fourth, when cooking plenty of food at home, especially when there is a lack of cookware, cutting boards and tableware for cutting, preparing and placing cooked and uncooked food should be separated to avoid cross contamination.

Fifth, consumers, especially the aged, children, pregnant women and people with weaker immune systems are suggested not to eat “novel” or “wild” food, or other foods that are not consumed often or have never been tried before, or foods that can easily cause allergy.

Sixth, consumers are strongly suggested not to pick, purchase or eat the foods that are clearly prohibited by competent departments, or foods of unknown origin (such as globefishes, wild mushrooms, etc.) so as to avoid food poisoning.

Seventh, consumers are suggested to buy food of and dine out in food operating units with all required licenses and invoice or receipt and choose to eat in restaurants with a higher food safety quality. Once any discomfort is felt after eating some food, please go to see a doctor immediately and keep the medical record, analysis report and related data while contacting the food operating unit and reporting to local food and drug regulator.

Eighth, please pay attention to the information about food safety released on the website of local food and drug regulator at any time. If any food safety issue is discovered in any food operating unit, please call the complaints and informants’ hotline at 12331.

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