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Zhang Ping Requires More Capacity Building and Responsibilities of Consumer Associations
—— 2016-03-14 ——

On April 13, Zhang Ping, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and President of CCA, made an inspection to CCA, accompanied by Zhang Mao, Direct-General of State Administration of Industry and Commerce (SAIC) and Executive Vice President of CCA, and Ma Zhengqi, Deputy Director-General of SAIC and Vice President of CCA.

Zhang Ping pointed out that there is a need to give full play to the role of social organizations as China deepens its reform and social development. He also noted that social governance should be strengthened through self-governance and shared governance. As a connecter between the market and the masses, consumption represents a major driver for economic development and has a direct bearing on the immediate interests of the ordinary people. Consumer associations at all levels have the closest connection with the 1.3 billion consumers, and will play more important role in the future with increasing burdens on their shoulders and higher requirements for their works.

Zhang Ping required consumer associations to keep strengthening their sense of mission, responsibility and accomplishment in works. Consumer associations should act by law and truly work for the interests of the ordinary people based on their positions and responsibilities bestowed by the law. Consumer’s associations should intensify capacity building of their teams, improve their political quality, professional competence and moral integrity, and adapt to the new situation, new requirements and new tasks. Consumer associations should do a solid job, withstand legal inspections and social supervisions, and constantly enhance their credibility, influence and authority. As such, consumer associations could better play their role in creating a good consumption environment and practically safeguarding consumers’ legitimate rights and interests.

Zhang Ping also noted that examinations of law enforcement regarding the newly revised Law on Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests would be carried out in the latter half of the year according to this year’s supervision work plan of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress. He also expressed his wishes that consumer associations at all levels could seriously summarize the development and issues relating to their implementation of the Consumer Protection Law over the year and actively coordinate the examination works to facilitate the further improvement and implementation of the new Consumer Protection Law.

Ma Zhengqi, Deputy Director-General of State Administration of Industry and Commerce and Vice President of CCA, reported the basic situation and consumers’ rights protection of consumer associations nationwide to Zhang Ping in the inspection. Chang Yu, Secretary-General of CAA reported all works of CCA since the implementation of the new Consumer Protection Law.

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