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CA Proposes: Celebrating the Green New Year of Environmental Protection and Low Carbon
—— 2016-03-14 ——

As we are celebrating the Lunar New Year of Goat, CCA conveys its New Year greetings to Chinese consumers and wish them have an auspicious and  satisfied year!

Repeated haze weather that affected much of China has become an indelible scar on the Year of Horse. All Chinese consumers expect to see blue sky, white clouds, green trees and clean water and enjoy the freshness and pureness of the nature. Controlling environmental pollution requires the concerted efforts of the entire society. Practicing a green, low-carbon and environmental friendly mode of consumption is not only a powerful weapon for dealing with haze weather but also an infinite merit benefiting our posterity. For that matter, CCA is hereby launching the following initiatives to all Chinese consumers:

1.Do not set off fireworks and crackers in haze weather! Setting off fireworks and crackers will cause a sharp increase in the level of major pollutants like PM2.5, especially aggravate environmental pollution in haze weather. Please try to set off fewer fireworks and crackers, and not to set off fireworks and crackers in haze weather!

2.Try to choose public transit as the traffic mode! Automobile exhausts contain multiple chemical substances that can seriously harm human health and also represent an important factor for haze weather. Public transit saves energy and protects environment. Reducing car use by one time means reducing pollution for one time and thus contributing to the reduction of haze.

3.Reject the use of disposable goods. Disposable goods are used at the cost of consuming non-renewable resources. Try to choose recycled goods; use environmentally friendly shopping bags; reject the use of disposable tableware when dining out; take your own toilet requisites for travelling.

4.Practice waste sorting and turn wastes into wealth. Landfill not only wastes much land but also wastes available resources in wastes. In addition, landfill also causes new pollutions to the environment. So, please try to sort the wastes and create conditions for waste utilizations.

Let’s act together to celebrate a green New Year of environmental protection and low carbon!

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