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CCA Successfully Holds the 1st Session of the 5th Council
—— 2016-03-14 ——

CCA held the Conference for the Election of the 5th Council and the 1st Session of the 5th Council Meeting in the morning of January 20th. The election was highlighted in a way that it was the first election after the implementation of the new Law of the People’s Republic of China on Protection of Consumers’ Rights and Interests and attracted broad attention from the outside in terms of how CCA will observe its statutory public interest obligations, address new situations and challenges at a new stage of economic and social development, and further exert the bridge-and-bond functions of consumer associations to drive shared governance for rights protection and create a safe and worry-free consumption environment.

According to the election results, Zhang Ping, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the 12th National People’s Congress, was elected the President of CCA. Zhang Mao, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director General of SAIC, was elected the Executive Vice President. Based on the new orientations, statutory public interest obligations and requirements of consumer associations prescribed by the new law, the 5th CCA council consists of delegates from central government departments, social organizations, news media, consumer associations at local level and the Secretariat of CCA as well as experts from all relevant sectors by insisting on the principle of universality, representativeness and sociality of the organization.

More than 300 people attended the meeting, including the newly elected council members, executives from relevant departments of SAIC and journalists from news media under the supervision of central government or Beijing municipal government.

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