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CCA’s Forum on Protection of Consumers Personal Information in Beijing
—— 2016-03-14 ——

On March 13th, CCA held a forum in Beijing, talking about protection of personnal information of consumers and consumer rights protection. About 100 people attended the activity, including experts from SAIC, CAS, Internet Society of China (ISC), China Information Industry Association (CIIA), China Banking Industry Association (CBIA) and Insurance Association of China (IAC) as well as corporate representatives from sectors like internet information security, e-commerce, express delivery, finance, civil aviation and mobile telecommunication, consumer representatives and journalists.

It’s reported that this event was initiated by the hosting party based on the results of the published 2014 Report of Internet Security Status Concerning Private Information of Consumers. Chang Yu, Vice President & Secretary General of CCA, pointed out that leaking of private information occurred frequently in recent years, posing great harm to internet users in many ways concerning their financial assets and security of private information, in particular the leaking of sensitive information of bank cards. Law-offenders used such information to engage in criminal conducts, which seriously violated the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Chang called out to the entire society to implement the spirits of the 3rd and 4th Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC and that of the speech delivered by President Xi Jinping at the meeting of the Central Leadership Group for Internet Security and Informatization, focus on the protection of private information of consumers, enhance legislation and law enforcement and push forward the development of relevant rules and regulations, strictly reinforce industrial self-discipline, and urge business entities to voluntarily and jointly build a new internet environment to safeguard private information effectively.

The attendants carried out heated debate on three topics relating to protection of private information of consumers, i.e. face reality to unveil the dark secrets of consumer privacy violation, shoulder responsibility to solidify the firewall for consumer privacy protection, and share governance to enjoy the benefits brought by the new normality of consumer privacy security. The attendants unanimously agreed that consumers are facing many difficulties in protecting their private information, from precaution, collecting evidences to claim for compensation. Joint efforts shall be made to speed up the building of a strong safety cover by developing relevant policies, enhancing legislation, promoting corporate responsibilities and improving the awareness of self-precaution among consumers. The experts advocated for developing rules and regulations on protection of private information within the legal framework to regulate the collection and utilization of consumers’ private information by industrial enterprises; and improving the security of the database that stores the private information of consumers by way of effective technological approaches to cut off the “evil hands” that are reaching to consumer privacy from the origin. Meanwhile, the attendants reminded consumers to heed to the protection of their ID numbers, bank account numbers, username and password etc. in the cyber space so that such information would not be hacked by criminals to cause unnecessary loss.

CCA published the 2014 Report of Internet Security Status Concerning Private Information of Consumers during the event. The report explained the current status of the security of network environment and consumers’ demand for privacy protection from multiple perspectives, and provided suggestions for consumer rights protection under current market reality, hoping to purify the network environment with joint efforts by way of multiple measures and shared governance and ensure the consumer privacy protection as a new normality.

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