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Grandpa Rights Protection Group Won the 3•15 Distinguished Contributions Award
—— 2016-03-14 ——

Chang Yu, Vice President and Secretary General of CCA, presents the 3•15 Distinguished Contributions Trophy to Grandpa Rights Protection Group and other candidates.

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1. Grandpa Rights Protection Group (consisting of 18 old people)

Source: Chongqing Consumers Association

Reasons for recommendation:

The Grandpa Rights Protection Group was established in Dianjiang County, Chongqing City. The group, led by Pi Zhixian, Zhao Shouzhong and Wu Liangshi, consists of 18 old retirees at an average age of 65. Since 2001, the Group has independently completed several investigations into cases relating to violation of rights and interests of consumers and redeemed economic loss of over RMB 10 million.

As one of the founding members, Pi Zhixian started to engage in consumer protection after retirement. In Guixi Town of Dianjiang County, some consumers submitted complaints saying that the price for water, electricity and gas was too high and the three utility enterprises refused to charge the fee based on actual use. Pi got in touch with 705 consumers living in this town, and they jointly signed a letter and submitted it to relevant regulatory authority after negotiating with the utility enterprises to no avail, asking that each household shall pay for the utility bills based on the meter readings of each own rather than paying a share of the costs based on the readings of main meters and that the price for utility services shall be lowered. Eventually, the three utility enterprises agreed to “gradually changing the way of charging from basing on individual meter reading to main meter reading on a voluntary basis”.

The Grandpa Group has independently investigated several major events relating to consumer rights protection, such as overcharging fee for renovation of power grids in rural areas, increasing fare for taking long-distance buses which violates relevant rules, and increasing fee for use of tap-water ahead of schedule without authorization. As the members of the Group came from a variety of sectors, they fully take advantage of their expertise to help tackle different issues in the course of rights protection. In addition, the Group has been insisting on providing help with rights protection for public welfare purpose and free of charge. Zhao Shouzhong, who is already 74 years old, was present at the court to provide volunteer help for 55 cases relating to consumer lawsuits with winning rate reaching 88%. He also acted as a mediator for more than 400 consumption-related disputes.

2. Public Welfare Rights Activist - Wang Jiying

Source: Harbin Consumers Association

Reasons for recommendation:

Wang Jiying, more than 60-year-old, has worked with Harbin Consumers Association as a volunteer supervisor for many years. Over the past 30 years, he often paid out of his own pocket to defend rights for consumers. The rights protection cases he was involved as a volunteer covered a variety of areas, from minor issues such as fee supply of water, electricity and gas or purchase of mobile phones to bigger issues such as unreasonable fees charged to 1.26 billion users by telecommunication service providers, rights protection for users of Jinhu tyres, purchase of residential property by ordinary people, delayed salary payment to rural-urban migrant workers, tourism fraud, financial and savings-related issues, healthcare services by monthly payment and insurances etc. Many typical cases and stories he was involved in have been reported by multiple news media. He is dubbed the Star of Rights Protection among the People by CCTV.com and the First Person for Public Welfare Rights Protection by journalists.

In 2012, Wang Jiying proposed to cancel the monthly leasing fee for telecommunication service and charge fee by second after having collected the information of typical cases that occurred in recent twenty years and that related to rights protection concerning telecommunication services, visited several hundreds of landline and mobile phone users and studied relevant laws and regulations. He paid to send letters to the National People’s Congress and the State Council, asking that the government shall pass legislation to investigate the irrationality of the monthly leasing fee and charging fee by minute, thereby safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of 1.26 billion telecommunication users. As a result, the telecommunication industry was listed for the first time by the State Council as one of the areas that require special actions for rectification. By now, the monthly leasing fee charged to mobile phone users has been cancelled.

3. Conducting Business with Integrity –Mamajiang Eshankailidi

Source: Xinjiang Autonomous Region Consumers Association

Reasons for recommendation:

Mamajiang Eshankailidi is Kirgiz nationality. He is a junior high school graduate and a CCP member. Currently, he is the Head of the liaison station for consumer rights protection in Bostanterak Town, Wuqia County, Kezhou, Xinjiang Autonomous Region. He was named three times by Kezhou People’s Government “a disabled person who has found his own way”. In 2009, he was awarded the title of “Individual Business Owner Operating with Integrity” by Kezhou People’s Government. In 2012, he was entitled the Delegate for Integrity and the Moral Model of 2nd Session. In 2013, he was entitled the Most Distinguished Xinjianger and the Moral Model by the People’s Government of Xinjiang Autonomous Region.

Mamajiang values credit standing as the most important thing when doing business. At the end of 2003, when he found out that the laundry powder he sold to customers was counterfeit, he immediately published a letter to apologize and promised to refund in full amount to customers. He collected back 90% of the sold goods within five days and refunded a total of RMB 2,000.

Although a disable person, he reached out to help those in hardship and other disable people. Over the past decade, he donated RMB 60,000 to disable students and unattended aged people in the town. In 2003, he bought three passenger buses out of his own pocket to improve the transportation conditions in the pasturing area. He has been providing free commuter service to students of two schools, picking them up back and forth from home to school for ten years, saving up to RMB 620,000 commuting costs for their parents. He contracted for 12 mu of vacant land in Bostanterak Town and built a Friday Bazaar to create venues for 300 business operators. He also helped get 24 people employed as a driver, administrator, medical clerk or salesperson, who got paid at a rate from RMB 1,000 to 4,000, which was a relief to their living difficulties. He set up a scholarship fund in 2013 which allocates RMB 9,000 student aid to three schools each year.

Mamajiang has acted as a mediator for 600 deal-related disputes within 6 years since he involved in the liaison station. Thanks to his endeavors, the number of disputes was declining by 20% each year in the town and dropped to 0 in 2013.

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