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The 10th China Women’s Consumption Summit and Release of the 2015 Blue Book of Women’s Life in Beijing
—— 2016-03-14 ——

The 10th China Women’s Consumption Summit & Release of the 2015 Blue Book for Women’s Life was held in Beijing on May 6th, 2015. The theme of this forum was “Jointly Improve Consumption Environment, Promote Women and Household Consumption”.

Gu Xiulian, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the 10th National People’s Congress, Director General of China National Committee for the Wellbeing of the Youth, Chief Advisor of Huakun Women Consumption Guidance Center, delivered an important speech at the Forum, saying that as China is undergoing a new economic normality, among the three engines that are driving the economic growth, i.e. consumption, export and investment, consumption shows increasing significance and is playing a fundamental role in driving the economic development. The new growth points for consumption as proposed in the Report on the Work of the Government are also closely related to women and household consumption which is seen with huge consumption potential.

Chang Yu, Vice President and Secretary General of CCA, also gave a speech entitled “Provide Guidance to Women on Rational Consumption, Improve Quality of Household Consumption”. He emphasized that the “she-economy” is rising as female consumers are playing a more important role in daily and household spending and more women are becoming the decision makers in the family. Therefore, it is of high importance to provide guidance to female consumers on rational consumption for improving the quality of household spending and the level of consumption in general. The following work shall be done: firstly, understand the consumption needs of female consumers, respect their consumption desires and substantially improve our understanding of the significance of women consumption; secondly, provide enhanced guidance to female consumers, helping them make consumption choices freely and independently; thirdly, speed up the fostering of scientific consumption capabilities among female consumers, push forward the transformation and upgrading of consumption behaviors and promote the improvement of household consumption quality; fourthly, build a platform to improve shared governance for consumer rights protection, create a safe and trustworthy consumption environment, and safeguard the efforts to enlarge women consumption and improve the quality of household consumption.

Han Xiangjing, President of Women of China and Vice President of Huakun Women Consumption Guidance Center, announced the key data from the 2014 Survey on Women Consumption in Urban Areas of China.

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