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CCA Looking for Most Beautiful Activists of Consumer Protection of 2015 in Beijing Jul. 23, 2015 China Consumers Association
—— 2016-03-14 ——

On July 23rd, the ceremony for Looking for Most Beautiful Activists of Consumer Protection of 2015 was held in Beijing, which was co-hosted by CCA, Consumer Protection Bureau (CPB) under SAIC and China Consumer Journal. The attendants included Yang Hongcan, Director General of CPB, Chang Yu, CCA’s Vice President and Secretary General, Zhu Jianqiao, President of China Consumer Journal, and relevant experts, scholars and attorneys engaged in public welfare programs for rights protection as well as journalists from over 30 news media under the supervision of central government or Beijing municipal government.

Chang Yu introduced the information about the event on behalf of the hosting parties. He said, when looking back at the history of and achievements in the protection of rights and interests of consumers in China over the past 30 years, we could find that the tremendous achievements were largely attributed to the joint efforts and support of the entire society, especially the selfless dedication of numerous persons engaged in rights protection, who had become a vital force for driving the evolvement of consumer protection undertakings. Under such context, CCA, CPB and China Consumer Journal intend to jointly initiate the campaign of Looking for Most Beautiful Activists of Consumer Protection of 2015. The campaign will identify and give publicity to ordinary consumers, public welfare rights activists and ordinary people engaged in rights protection, tell their touching stories, sing highly of their endeavors to drive the course of rights protection, their pursuit of ruling by law and justice, their persistence and boundless love. The event aims to uphold the positive energy for rights protection, motivate the society to participate proactively, gather the force of public oversight and push for shared governance for rights protection, thereby playing a positive role in creating a safe, healthy, civilized, harmonious, fair and legal consumption environment.

Chang Yu further remarked, over the years, consumer associations and SAIC offices at all levels have been working closely with and rely highly on the rights activists from all walks of life to proactively perform their statutory obligations, lay foundations for shared governance for rights protection and create a safe and trustworthy consumption environment. CCA set “Shared Governance to Enjoy Consumption” as the annual theme for 2015, aiming to exert CCA’s bridge-and-bond function, gather all social forces and bring a new pattern to rights protection under shared governance. The campaign will help promote the shared understanding that protection of rights and interests of consumers is a common responsibility of the entire society, and motivate all parties to vigorously participate in the act.

The campaign consists of four sections, i.e. candidate nomination, achievement presentation, public voting, award and propaganda. Candidates can be self-nominated or nominated by the general public. In the end, 10 candidates will be elected and 20 nominated as the Most Beautiful Activists of Consumer Protection after public voting through the platform of official website and Wechat and expert review. CCA will start collecting application and recommendation materials from today. Relevant information can also be found on the official website of CPB (www.315.gov.cn), CCA (www.cca.cn) and China Consumer Journal (www.ccn.com.cn) as well as the official Wechat account CCA-315 and zxbccn. Recommendation materials can be sent to zuimeirenwu@cca.cn as well (please remark “the Person of the Year 2015 for Consumers’ Rights Protection” in subject line).

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