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CCA Launches Public Education Campaign on Water Purifiers
—— 2016-03-14 ——

On September 16th, CCA held a press conference in the campus of Renmin University to kick off the public welfare campaign entitled “Explore Water Secrets - Educating Consumers about Water Purifier Market”. The attendants included senior executives and experts from CCA, SAIC, DRC of the State Council and Renmin University as well as consumer and corporate representatives and journalists from over 60 main stream media.

As CCA’s Vice President Li Yuanguang pointed out at the conference, one of CCA’s important obligations bestowed upon the association by the Law on Protection of Consumers Rights and Interests is to promote consumer education, publicize scientific knowledge and safeguard consumers’ right to know. CCA launched this public welfare campaign with the purpose of publicizing knowledge about water purification, guiding scientific consumption, regulating market operation and protecting the rights and interests of consumers. The legitimate rights and interests of consumers cannot be effectively protected without the creation of a fair and harmonious consumption environment. CCA hopes to answer these questions through this campaign, reply to consumers’ queries, publicize scientific knowledge, guide consumers to spend scientifically and based on actual needs, and drive the water purifier market to develop in a regulated, orderly, healthy, fair and harmonious manner.

Li further remarked that the campaign was launched after careful deliberation, research, survey and preparation and with delicate design. It was the first time for CCA to introduce the Internet+ concept into public welfare programs for education to enhance offline publicity and online interaction with the purpose of reaching more audience and expanding influence. Online interaction also added variety to the traditional ways of consumer education. Other guests including Li Xiaoqing, Department Director from Consumer Protection Bureau under SAIC; Dr. Su Yang, Research Fellow from DRC of the State Council; Pi Xiaolin, Deputy Director of Consumer Guidance Department of CCA and representatives from water purifier manufacturing enterprises also gave presentations to discuss the needs for water purifier manufacturers to strictly comply with drinking water quality standards and operate in good faith, the progress made by the government in improving water environment in all aspects and the public welfare campaigns launched by consumer associations at all levels to enhance publicity and education concerning water purification products.

It is also known that consumers can get involved in the campaign between September 10th to October 10th through online and offline activities to learn more about water purifier market and improve their awareness and understanding of the market and safe drinking water. It is expected that such campaign may become a routine event in the future. CCA plans to carry out such activity periodically each year to publish consumption data, guide scientific consumption, drive water purifier manufacturing industry to grow in a regulated and orderly manner, build a harmonious consumption environment, and facilitate the continuous improvement of consumer protection standards.

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