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CCA Issues the Measures of Consumer Associations on Regulatory Talks with Business Operators concerning Consumer Protection
—— 2016-03-14 ——

On October 13th, CCA issued the Measures of Consumers Association on Regulatory Talks with Business Operators for Consumer Protection (for Trial Implementation) which will come into force on November 1st, 2015. It is reported that the Measures is a new approach adopted by CCA to fully perform its eight obligations, solidly enhance the protection of consumer rights and governance of the association by law, place itself under the oversight of the general public, proactively drive shared governance, and make substantial progress in consumer protection. The Measures is the first systematic guidance document developed for consumer associations at all levels to engage in regulatory talks with business operators and further push forward the work of consumers’ right protection.

The Measures consists of 18 articles covering a wide range of content from the basis, purpose and meaning of measure formulation to the parties involved in regulatory talks and the scope, procedures and content of such talks. In accordance with the Measures, consumer associations may arrange regulatory talks with business operators subject to procedure requirements in case of any of the following circumstances, i.e. group complaints or potential risks of group complaints, illegal advertisement, exaggeration or false advertising to deceive consumers, a large amount of consumer complaints on certain products or services, and exposure by news media, including any potential, emerging or tendentious problems that consumer associations have detected in the protection of legitimate rights and interest of consumers, or such cases that business operators need to further improve the quality of their product or services.

Protection of legitimate rights and interests of consumers is a common responsibility of the entire society and requires all communities to get involved. To improve the process of regulatory talks to be more regulated and efficient, CCA welcomes the support, participation and oversight of all consumers, news media and legal experts in the course of regulatory talks, and will fully play the role as bridge and bond to integrate the strength of all parties and create synergy, structure a new pattern for shared governance in consumer protection, enhance the capacities and standards of consumer protection in all aspects, and endeavor to initiate new prospects for protection of rights and interests of consumers.

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