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The 2nd Cross-strait Symposium on Consumer Protection Held in Beijing
—— 2016-07-04 ——

The 2nd Cross-strait Symposium onConsumer Protection organized by China Consumers Association (CCA) was held onMay 12, 2016 in Beijing. The symposium attended by some 80 representatives ofconsumer organizations from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Chinese Mainland, governmentalauthorities and the academic circle, including Mr. Chang Yu, CCA Vice Chairman andSecretary-general, Ms. Gilly Wong, Chief Executive of Hong Kong Consumer Council,Mr. Wong Hon-neng, President of the Executive Committee of Macao SAR GovernmentConsumer Council, and Mr. Lu Yun, Chairman of Consumers’ Foundation ChineseTaipei. Mr. Ma Zhengqi, Vice Minister of the State Administration for Industryand Commerce and Vice Chairman of CCA addressed the symposium.

Entitled “exploring into a coordination mechanismfor settling consumption disputes”, the symposium focused on the increase ofdisputes arising from cross-border travels and consumptions, aiming to reach a consensuson the creation of a coordination mechanism for cross-border dispute settlementbetween Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao through communication, discussionand negotiation.  

In his address, Mr. Ma pointedout that, along with the expanding communication between the four places andthe rise of new consumption modes such as online shopping, overseas purchase-on-commission,prepaid consumption and Internet+ service, cross-border consumption disputesincreased sharply. In settling the disputes, timely responding to andsatisfying consumers’ reasonable appeals would be critically important toimproving consumption environment, maintaining good market image and buildingup consumers’ faith. To this end, it would be necessary to push forward thecoordination mechanism. He hoped that the consumer organizations in the fourplaces intensify mutual communication to work out an effective disputesettlement mechanism that meet the status quo, practical needs and publicexpectations, and that the consumer organizations in Taiwan, Hong Kong andMacao use the symposium to tighten communication and coordination withcompetent authorities of the Mainland to speed up creation of the mechanism andmake it a platform that benefits mutual understanding, mutual trust, economicgrowth and the public of greater China.

The symposium also involvedin the discussion of the common concerns of the four places such as “consumptioneducation in the Internet era” and “protection of prepaid consumption”.

The biannual Cross-straitSymposium on Consumer Protection is a platform that facilitates thecommunication between consumer organizations of Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, HongKong and Macao and enables joint efforts in safeguarding the legal rights and interestsof consumers in the four places. The first symposium was co-organized by HongKong Consumer Council and Macao SAR Government Consumer Council in Hong Kongand Macao.

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