Procedures for Submitting a Complaint
1. Which level of consumer association in china to submit a complaint
    The consumer association in china at various levels will handle consumer complaints mainly subject to regional jurisdiction supplemented with hierarchical supervision, and in principle a complaint shall be submitted to a sub-association that is nearest to the complainant. If any assistance is needed from an affiliated branch, the latter shall do so as required.

2. Supporting materials for complaint submission
    A consumer shall submit a complaint in writing or the transcript from oral dictation that can be acknowledged with the signature or stamp of the consumer.

The supporting materials shall contain the following:

Basic information of the complainant and the respondent, including name, ID number, address, postal code, and contact number of the complainant; and company name, address, postal code, contact person and number of the respondent;

When, where and how the act that jeopardizes the consumer rights has occurred, and how the consumer has negotiated with the business owner;

Supporting evidences. The consumer shall provide relevant supporting evidences to prove the cause and effect relation between the purchase and use of commodity or procurement of service and the violation of consumer rights and interests unless otherwise specified by the laws and regulations. In general, CCA and its sub-associations shall not keep the original supporting evidences provided by both parties (e.g. original copy or objects).

Provide specific requests in details
CCA and its sub-associations will notify the complainant in a timely manner if the complaint lacks any key supporting evidence or is unclear, and will handle the complaint once all supporting materials are provided.

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